June 22, 2011

Orange Pride

As if I didn't love my hair before....now I wear it every day with "Orange Pride" for Owen.

Who?  Why?

Owen is a little warrior of a man who went home to his Father in Heaven on May 27, 2011.  He was born in a package of three (yes, triplets) and was received by two loving parents and a doting older brother of 4 years (who, coincidentally, reminds me SO MUCH of Isaac.)

I happened on his mommy's blog on June 7th.  The day they decided to take down little Owen crib. 

I was captivated by her grief, honesty....and most of all strength.  I spent HOURS and HOURS (way past my bedtime) catching up on Owen's story and have been following every since.

 So...to show my support of Owen and the Bissing family...I wear my hair with pride.  And praise my children on the days they wear their orange shirts, too.  :)

God loves little Owen and has a grand purpose for him on the other side.  I only feel sorrow for those he left behind. 

Please pray for the Bissing Family.


MrsBissing said...

Melanie --
Thank you for sharing Owen's story! I am amazed every day by how much his story has spread. I hope that Doug and I are able to start a foundation that will make him proud. I know Owen LOVES your orange hair :) Perhaps it's easier to find you in a crowd when looking down on the crowds from his cloud.

Love, Mel

Sheri said...

I am beyond touched. The strength is inspiring. Makes me slow down a bit to enjoy the small moments.
They are in my prayers.
Thanks for sharing Mel!

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing Owen's story. I have been reading about him today (with no dry eyes).

She is very inspiring and it makes me appreciate every moment each of us have with our loved ones.

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