Why I started this blog

During my first block of counseling sessions (yes, there have been several) I was given a very precious gift.  

This gift was a key of sorts.  

A key that unlocked a whole new world for me.  

This key was presented in the form of just a few words.

"You're not crazy (insert bright smile and a little chuckle from my counselor)...EVERYONE has thoughts like that."

Imagine me sitting in a big overstuffed, comfortably worn chair....speechless ("you mean it's not just me," I thought).  And then... 

(insert "aha" moment, bolt of lightening, heavenly chorus, light bulb illuminating....whatever it is you picture in your mind,)

I smiled.

Those simple, yet personally profound, words changed my life forever.  

The perception I had had of myself, up until that moment, was no longer valid.

I was not alone and I was not crazy.
I was "NORMAL."  


Me...of all the (self perceived) crazed lunatics in the world....to find out I was "normal" was, to say the least, an earth shattering revelation.

(like a bright ray of hope) 

A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.  


("Just like everyone else," I thought.)

Well...over the years I have reflected even more on that moment and have come to quite the opposite conclusion.

It is my belief that....

We are ALL crazed lunatics!



Because we are not alone.

Feelings of loneliness can be scary, devastating, even debilitating.

But really...we all have our issues and it's nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of.  It's life.

Whether you are depressed, anxious or suffering with any other mental, emotional, or physical ordeal,  remember...YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Someone (if only He) has been through what you are going through, come out on the other side, and been stronger for it. 
It is possible.  

There is hope
I started this blog to write about my struggles with anger, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, motherhood...(the list goes on).  

I want to share what I have learned, and continue to learn, through counseling, self-analysis, scripture study, time and other people's experiences.  

My hope is that I will not only be helping myself heal, but helping others in the process.

I feel like (for now) I am on the other side.  I have learned SO MUCH and am stronger for it.

Now I want to pay it forward.

Please help me spread the word....

there is hope.

There is ALWAYS hope.



conradclan said...

You are 100% right. All of us struggle with something that makes us feel alienated and all alone. Even though the Savior is there for us, I believe he intended for us, as we learn through those struggles, to then reach out and help lift others as they struggle. I love you tons. You are one of my hero's.

Mommy in the Middle said...

Your bravery, courage, and openness will surely be a light to many!

After the birth of my 4th child, I suffered greatly with back pain which eventually led to a surgery 4 months after my newborn was born. (a disc had shattered and the "debri" was wrapped around my nerves causing unbearable pain) THe WORST day was when I googled "suicide"!

With medication, therapy, faith, and time, I am healed and hopefully will never return to that dark place of anxiety and depression.

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