July 16, 2012

To Eternity and Beyond.....

Alright...I'm going to get a little personal today (no worries...not that personal).

I've decided to post a few pictures of my family.  All 6 of us.  In the flesh.

(trumpet sounds)

No, not just because I love them and want to share them with you all (or because I paid lotsa $$$ for this photo shoot)....but, more importantly...for validation. 

That's right.   


After seeing these pictures, I believe you will no longer wonder why I'm a little off my rocker.

Just a hunch....

Okay...so this is somewhat posed but this actually happen almost daily at our house.  Except usually they are using them as light sabers or hitting each other with them. 
Yep...that's us.  Don't let them fool you....they are not usually this compliant.
Now this is more like it!

Classic....and spot on.  Ewwww...RUN AWAY...their kissing!
Okay....so enough with the joking (only I wasn't joking).

I truly am grateful to the Lord for trusting me with these four "spirited" boys (as a member of our ward (congregation) put it yesterday).  How blessed I am to have a knowledge of eternal families.  I'm so thankful for mine.  I love them.  I really do.

Even more so at nap time...and bedtime (or on library day when we get home and they all sit down quietly on the couch for hours and read/look through books...sigh...it's the BEST).

How do I do it? (I often get asked)

"I'm medicated." (My "go to" answer).

True story.

But honestly?

With the Lords help.

Now THAT is a true story.
Photos taken by Alisha of Leeshy Lou Photography

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