About Melanie

Who am I?  

Well, that all depends on if you want to know who I am medicated or non-medicated. 

Joke...Joke...It's just a joke.  

My name is Melanie and yes...I am a red head.  I am currently a full time in-home engineer (aka. Housewife) and spend my days with  4 VERY energetic little boys...ages 7,5,3,1.  I have a wonderfully supportive husband who calculates number during the day, plays super dad at night and on his time off...enjoys reading encyclopedias and playing on his Xbox 360.

My life is crazy and chaotic but hey...who's isn't?

When I find a quiet moment (and I use the term "quiet" very lightly) I try to grab a few self-serving moments to: 

*read (mostly sappy christian romance novels--nothing but a chaste smooch in end ladies), 



*sneak yummy food behind the pantry door and devour it before I get caught by one of my children 

*and on even rarer occasion...take a nap. 

I've been a life long sufferer of anxiety (or at least as early as 5th-6th grade), dealt with a few less-than-desirable bouts of depression (currently on the up and up thanks to above mentioned medication), and used to (although my husband sometimes questions the term "used to") suffer from some pretty intense OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)-ish habits.  

In a nut shell...I'm a basket case.  Or am I a basket case in a nut shell?  Take your pick.  But really? I'm pretty much just like everyone else in this world...."NORMAL".

I love to write and have my own unique style.  I'm sure you'll notice. I like to use "..." 's instead of "," 's when I punctuate, I don't not use good grammar al' 'er time and I like to use (parenthesis)  to add little juicy tidbit-ty side notes to EVERYTHING (like I am doing now).  Oh...and I can be extremely long winded (apparently I don't believe in the phrase "to make a long story short").

I hope you enjoy reading!  

Come back and visit often...ya' hear?

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Sally Jackson said...

I feel like God has led me to your blog...seriously. You have said everything I have been feeling only in more articulate and intelligent ways! :) I am so thankful that you are sharing this part of yourself so I could find you and read your words. Anyways, before I sound like a stalker I just wanted to say that I am going through such a hard time and your blog is really resonating with me. I am 35, pregnant, LDS, and am raising 3 wildly, active little boys. My SIL referred me to your blog because she takes the methyl vitamins and feels I should look into it. I would love to knowmore about your recovery and results from taking them, as well as if you've been able to get off the SSRI's. That's hwere I am right now-wanting to wean but knowing I'm nowhere close to near that possibility. Anyways, just thought I'd drop a note and say thank you, and maybe even find a new friend on the web!

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