November 25, 2018

"It is time"

It's been exactly 4 years and 360 days since I last wrote on this blog.  So much has changed (what's the deal blogger?) and yet, so much is the same.

Changes?  Too many to say, except that if I thought my life was out of control then, I now know I hadn't even reached the tip of the "crazy" iceberg.  I now have 6 children and ALL that that entails (mostly laundry and breaking up fights).  I still teach group fitness classes, but instead of teaching them for free, I have now taken on a whole entire small business, as the owner of a small 24hr gym and fitness studio.  I LOVE IT can be an exhausting job (literally)!  On top of this, and all the comings and going of 6 kids and their appointments and activities, I lovingly (and sometimes not so lovingly) support my husband as the full time breadwinner of our family, a seasonal football referee, and the 24/7 "on call" Bishop of our growing ward (aka congregation) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, in our tiny corner of the world.  Don't even get me started on what the cat requires of me 🐈...😂😂😂

So...why am I here, I keep asking myself?  Why do I feel compelled to write?  Where will I find the time or the brain power (or a quiet second, for that matter)?  What do I have to say that hasn't been said before?  The answer... I'm not exactly sure...YET...but I just know it's what I'm supposed to do. 

While in the shower this morning, I received a prompting, from my Heavenly Father, through His Holy Spirit.  It was unmistakable.  The message... "It is time."

I'm relieved in a way.  My head is so full of ideas, research and revelations.  My poor hand starts to cramp up every time I lay my eyes on my journals and notebooks, long before I've even picked up the pen.  I know my husband will be relieved.  He was just commenting last night that, although he is interested in what I have to say (between you and me that's debatable 😉), he is a little weary from having his ear talked off, non-stop, for the last several weeks/months..."My attention span is only so long and I can only take in so much information at once, Dear," he says.  (Wouldn't that be nice?  It's a very good thing he doesn't live in my head...he would be begging the Lord for mercy by death just to make it quiet down for a few minutes).

So...while I'm not exactly sure where or how to start, I do know this...I feel the same way today as I did, all those years ago,  when I penned this...

"God has blessed me with a sharp mind, a heart to love, a will to succeed, and a voice to be heard.  My mind may not be the most brilliant, my heart may not be the purest, my will may not be the strongest, and my voice may not be the loudest.  But when I feel compelled by Him to use these precious gifts for the good of others, I will listen and I will do what is asked of me."

I pray that whatever it is that the Lord wishes me to share, will flow from my thoughts to my fingers, as it once did.  I pray that His spirit will be able to convey the messages shared to those that need to hear them most.  I pray that hearts will be soft and ready to receive the messages meant for them.

I know that I am NOTHING without God, but with him, I am willing and able to play a small part in his righteous work and glory (to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man).

Here goes nothing....

P.S. I love to hear from you!
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