March 7, 2012

Gethsemane song--HOPEful Music

I know I haven't been around much lately.  That's because our lives have been hanging in the balance for the last little while.  But...the jury is finally in.  Now the real work begins.  We are moving.  Yes, moving.  To The Middle of Nowhere, WA.  Okay....maybe it's not THAT bad.  Not really.  The area has about 7,000 people.  Ha ha!  :)  There may not be a lot of people, but the views are beautiful (reminds me of "home" aka Utah). 
 I'm actually excited.  We really feel like this is where the Lord want us to be right now.  As "scary" as it might all be...there is comfort in knowing that it's "right".  I just DREAD having to wash down all these white walls.  Blegh!

Anyway, today I wanted to share a song.  My children are learning it in primary (Sunday school for children 12 and under).  I recently had the chance to hear it myself and it melted my heart.  It's absolutely beautiful.

Gethsemane song

Jesus climbed the hill to the garden still
his steps were heavy and slow
Love and a prayer took Him there
to the place only He could go.

Jesus loves me
so He went willingly 
to Gethsemane

He felt all that was sad
wicked or bad
all the pain we would ever know.
While His friends were asleep
He fought to keep
the promise He made long ago.

The hardest thing that ever was done
The greatest pain that ever was known
The biggest battle that ever was won
This was done by Jesus
The fight was won by Jesus

Jesus Loves Me
so He gave His gift to me

Jesus Loves Me
So He gives his gift to me
From Gethsemane

Words can't properly describe how grateful I am to my Savior for the sacrifices He has made for me.  No pain, hardship, disappointment, or weakness I have ever, or WILL EVER, experience is beyond Him.  He's been there and has a perfect knowledge and understanding of it.  He is able to succor me as no one else can.  I am NEVER alone.

Today my heart is full with this knowledge.  

I hope these words testify this to you, as they did to me.


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Messy Musings said...

WOW!! That's the word in my mind as I read this! Moving to the middle of nowhere (hope they have internet service there, haha) - that takes COURAGE! But I know you can do it!!

Natalie J said...

I have never heard that song! I like it. I wish I had enough time to suggest that the Primary kids sing it in Sac Mtg for Easter. Thanks for posting it. Love ya!

Love is all you need said...

Love your blog. Good luck being away from Utah! I can't imagine living anywhere else, but what an adventure you will have!

Me said...

Do I even have to say that that the Lord doesn't close a door without opening another one? Looks like a true blank slate! Think of the beautiful things to come. xo Joc

Kim said...

I'm sorry to hear you're moving and we never had the chance to meet! It's been very comforting knowing you've been here in the TC area too. But I wish you all the luck in your new adventure!

Mom of 12 said...

Hope things work out for you! Sounds like a beautiful place.

Melanie said...

Yes, in fact they have a fiber optic cable network running under the entire valley. Sweet! I wouldn't give up on you guys.

Melanie said...

"Love"--we moved away from Utah almost 5 years ago. Left my whole extended family behind. Never thought I would survive. has a way of teaching you just how strong you can be. Sometimes I can't imagine ever moving back to Utah. Now I just have to convince my parents and all my bros and sisters to move to WA! Ha ha.

Melanie said...

Thanks Joc....very true. Many doors have been opened already.

Melanie said...

Kim--It's not too late. We don't move for another 5-7 weeks. We should get together before I do.

Melanie said...

"Mom of 12"--'s amazing how things have already begun to fall into place. Despite the little kink I decided to throw in. I'll have to tell you about it later.

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

Beautiful song and so touching!

Good luck on your move and the next adventure!

Kellieogb said...

This is exciting! God has clearly been the LEader of your household so I have no doubt you are following His Will. I will pray for you and yours as you continue on this journey. Also, I emailed you a day or two ago, just an FYI. Could use your help & insight. Thanks!

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