March 20, 2012

STAND-Booty Shakin' HOPEfilled music

 So, the move is coming along...quite nicely actually.  There's nothing like having everything fall into place that makes one just SURE that they are doing the right thing.  Not that it's all stress free.  Believe me...feelin' plenty of stress here....but the stress is unmistakeably underlined with peace.  Peace that we are going where the Lord wants us to go.  So many amazing things have happened to attest to this.  I wish I had the time and/or brain power to share them all now.

 But...I don't.   (as I type this while on my elliptical---two birds people)

However, I DO have the time to share another fantastic song with y'all.  It's a goodie.

My sister gifted me this song (from Itunes) saying (and I hope she wont mind me sharing),

"Hey Mel--I heard this song and thought of you for 2 reasons: it's got a great "bounce back" message, and it's fun to shake your booty to. I hope you enjoy! I love you--hang in there!"

Yeah...sister are pretty awesome.  And....she was right on BOTH accounts.  The message IS awesome and I do like me a good booty shaker.  :0

I HOPE you enjoy it too!

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The Larsen Gang said...

Love it!!! And I am so glad things are going smoothly with the it when it works that way! I totally understand the peace with the stress thing! Helloooo....every big decision we've made!

Messy Musings said...

where's the "like" button? oh yeah, this isn't facebook... LOL!! thanks for sharing that song (and thank your sister for sending it to you)!!

Celeste said...

What a great song. And sisters are pretty awesome! I know I don't comment a lot on here or Facebook but I think of you all the time! I'm glad things are going good. Good luck with everything!

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

Melanie, I'm glad things are moving along with the move and that you have peace about it. Thanks you for sharing a great song. Love the lyrics and the beat!

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