November 5, 2011

Putting Him first...

Yesterday during my scripture reading (yes, while on my eliptical) I came across this scripture:

"Wherefore, do not spend money on that which is of no worth, nor your labor for that which cannot satisfy....come unto the Holy One of Isreal and feast upon that which perisheth not, neither can be corrupted, and let your soul delight in fatness."  (2 Nephi 9:51)

As I find myself completely overwhelmed with "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" and all that it entails (money or, more accurately, the lack of it, children, house work, "me" stuff, etc).  Is there even time to breath? 

I found these words quite beneficial and thought provoking.  I don't think it's a coincidence I ran into this scripture when I did.

I've lost track of my priorities. 

I often get so caught up in "this, that and the other" in order to remedy "this problem, that problem, and the other problem" that I forget to do those things that matter most.  These are standard "sunday school" answers know, pray and study the scriptures. 

It's so vitally important to communicate with our Heavenly Father and get to know Him better by reading His word.  Why do I always forget this?  I don't know, really....I forgot.  :)

I find myself running around in circles all day, completely stressed out and feeling rather unaccomplished.  Ready to pull my hair out, because I feel so lost...without direction.  Sometimes I pause and try to remember a time when things were not so "difficult" (other than the time we had only one, even two, kids...he he).  What was I doing differently?

Oh....right.....putting God first....

It's funny how that works.  Really.  Because when I do it....everything else just seemed to fall into place.  Not without work, and not always as I expected it to,...but in place, nevertheless.  Worries seem to disappear because I am feeling closer to God and putting more faith in Him and his ability to direct my life.


Guess I should really try that again.

Maybe I would find purpose again. 

Yeah...I think I just might just do that.

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Celeste said...

Great scripture :) I think we all need that reminder often. The world makes it so easy to forget to put him first! Thanks for the reminder!

Michelle said...

Great reminder Melanie.

Rebecca said...

Love that scripture!! Thanks for the reminder of what is real and good in life! I've been feeling lately that the main purpose of my life is to serve as a warning to others... and here you say something to pull me out of that thought pattern - thanks!!

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