Admitting that you may be (or definitely are) suffering from a mental/emotional disorder is extremely hard.  

It has such a stigma attached to it (my favorite word is "crazy").  

Makes us all afraid to admit it...even to ourselves. 

(Believe me...I know.  I've been there...several times...AND IT STINKS.)

But, really...It IS what it IS.  


And if you want anything to have to accept that.

Suffering from depression, anxiety, and/or any other mental, emotional, or physical disorder is NOTHING to be embarrassed about or ashamed of.

It's just life (for millions of people)!

It takes real guts and courage...a person with strong admit to their weaknesses (even though we ALL have them), accept them for what they are, and try to DO something about them.

My counselor put it to me this way (when I was struggling to accept the fact).

"It's just like any other disease.  You wouldn't tell a diabetic that it was their fault they had diabetes or that they could wish or pray it away, would you? would encourage them to take care of themselves and get the help and resources they needed in order to live their lives to the fullest,right?"  

For some reason...that really hit home.

The fact is that for most of us, the problems we face are genetic.  Inherited.  (So if you are going to blame someone, blame it on your folks...just kidding).  

We can't change who we are.  But we can learn to take care of ourselves and cope with the symptoms of the disease. 

So let's get with it.

Are you depressed?

anxious (or OCD)? 

suffering from any other mental /emotional disorder?

Don't be discouraged...


Even if it takes every last bit of energy, courage, or brain power you have left...DO SOMETHING!

What has worked for me?

These five suggestions should give you an idea.

#1 Tell someone close to you.  ANYONE!   
Keeping something like this to yourself...hoping it will go away on it's own is self-destructive.  It never works.  Don't worry about what they will think.  Just do it. (for me it was a good friend)

#2 Talk to someone who can help.
Find a professional, impassive third party (someone who is not emotionally attached or affected by you personally).  They have experience and access to resources you, yourself, don't have.  

If you are afraid of "drug pushers", seek out a counselor or psychologist first.  Because they don't have access to prescription pads they are less likely to push medications right off the bat. 

(counseling has changed my life...everyone could benefit from it.  EVERYONE!)

If that alone doesn't work (and many believe that #2 and #3 are necessary for full recovery/long term coping)...    

#3 Seek medical advice, and be open to discussion of medications, from your health care provider or a psychiatrist.

I admit that the use of perscription medications is not for everyone,
but for me, at least with this last bout, it HAS been tremendously helpful albeit extremely scary at first.  I, for one, have never been big on putting anything foreign into my body (unless you count large amounts of sugar).  I don't even take Tylenol if I can help it.  But...I was out of options and needed to get better.  After much thought and prayer I decided to go for it.  It has helped tremendously.

#4 Don't be afraid to look into more homeopathic solutions.  

In fact...this particular supplement has been an answer to numberless prayers (why? here).  It has made all the difference in my recovery.

#5 (and this is the MOST important one) seek help from your Father in Heaven 

(and no I don't mean to say that you can"pray it all better"...because that doesn't work...or at least it didn't in my case)

He loves you very much and is eternally invested in your well being.  

(Then why does He let me suffer? here).  

He will guide you in your path to recovery (because each persons path is so individual and only He knows what will work for you). 

Believe in Him.

Have faith in Him,

and with that faith you will find HOPE for the future.

There is always HOPE

I believe this with all my heart.

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