HOPEful Music

Music has a powerful way of touching the soul.

I am a firm believer it's it power for good (or evil for that matter. . .but let's focus on positive shall we?).

There have been times when I have felt beyond reach.  

Beyond feeling.  

And the ONLY thing that could go deep enough to penetrate my soul, my spirit, was music.

I wanted to present a list of songs that have made a difference in my life. . .

uplifted my soul. . .

ministered to my spirit, if you will.

You can find the lyrics (and an audio or visual version if I can find one), as well as my thoughts, among the posts.

Hope on the Horizon--by Hilary Weeks; find my thoughts here
Blessings--by  Laura Story; find my thoughts here  
Who you are--by Hilary Weeks;  find my thoughts here
Beautiful For Me--by Nichole Nordeman;  find my thoughts here
You Are Loved--by Josh Groban; find my thoughts here
Right Here--by Hilary Weeks; find my thoughts here
I Am His Daughter--by Nicole Sheahan;  find my thoughts here

If YOU have a song that has uplifted you or made a difference in your life and would like to share please e-mail me at melaniesmethodicalmusings @ gmail dot com. 

Share with me how it has helped you and whether or not I can share your story with the readers of this blog.   I'd like to occasionally feature others' stories so that it's not just ME and my opinions.  :)

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