July 16, 2011

Don't sell yourself short...you're too good for that!


I woke up today feeling much better than yesterday so I decided to do something crazy!

There is this run...a run I've been daring myself to do for the last two years. 

Not that it is of marathon length or extremely difficult terrain (although paved paths can be hostile). 

It's just that one day, shortly after we moved here, I said to myself, "I wonder if I could run there and back?"

Today I "double dog dared" myself to do it.  So I did. 

(and don't worry...I am not completely untrained.  I did run 4 miles on Monday and a few miles up and down a mountain last week and a 6-7 miler on the 4th...and before that...oh wait...there hadn't been much before that)

I tracked the distance when I got home.  11.2 miles.  Although I was a little disappointed (I was hoping for at least 12, because it felt like 100), I had to be proud of myself that I got it done...and survived. 

Since my I pod died less than 2 minutes into the run, I was left to my own thoughts for two hours.  I did a little praying...

I told Heavenly Father that I recognize there are limitations in this life, especially physical ones...and that they are to be understood and respected.  But I also told Him that I believe our minds and spirits are boundless and asked Him to help me physically accomplish this goal, so I could prove the infinite strength of the above mentioned blessings.  

Then I got to thinking...and questioning...

How often do we sell ourselves short?  Why do we shy away from our potential?  Why do we fail to reach a little further, try a little harder, be a little better? 

Is it because we think it's too difficult?  Because we're lazy?  or afraid?

Or maybe we aren't in a place where we can thrive.  Maybe we are barely surviving...or even diving

Or maybe...just maybe...we simply don't believe we can do or become better.

That I understand...I have been there.

I didn't really come up with any answers for anyone else, of course, only you can do that, but I did gain a little insight into what I let (as in, allow) hold ME back sometimes. 

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I love you (even if I don't know you personally) and that I believe in you....and, more importantly, so does He who created you and it's high time you do too (If you don't already, that is).  :)

I want to challenge you to get out there and find something hard (yet doable) to accomplish. Something you have never done before...or haven't done in a long time and are not sure you CAN do.  And then DO IT!  Tell yourself you can, ASK for heavenly help, and get on with it. 

(and then let me know...if you want)

I promise you will be amazed...and stronger for it.


1 comment:

Sheri said...

You amaze me! Wow. Once I converted your miles to kms I almost fell off my chair.......way to almost run a half marathon out of the blue.
I love your drive and motivation.

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