May 21, 2011

Hope on the horizon-Musical Ministry

I just wanted to say a little something about this particular song.
There Is Hope On The Horizon--by Hilary Weeks  (lyrics at end of post)

It. is. AMAZING!

Truly inspired.

I remember, all to well, the feelings of hopelessness.

Not like, " kids are NEVER going to learn to clean up after themselves."  "They are NEVER going to be out of diapers."  "I will NEVER EVER have a minute to myself  EVER again."......

but much worse.  Like...

"Things are NEVER going to get better."

"I have NOTHING to live for."

"Why try...I'll NEVER be good enough"

"What's the point?"

Do you recognize any of those phrases?

I do...because they used to run through my head unceasingly.

They are crippling, devastating, and destructive....HOPELESS!

That's how I felt.

As much as I WANTED to feel differently...I couldn't.  I just couldn't.

Depression is SO real.  It is SO REAL!

Just THINKING right now about how I felt back then makes me sick to my stomach.

It feels like a weight is pulling down on me, ready to suffocate me again.

(Okay...shake it off...breath...breath...whew....okay)

I am just so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord.  He saw fit to deliver me from those horrible, horrible feelings before they crushed me forever.

Words can not express how indebted I am to Him.

My faith and hope have been restored.

It IS possible.  Even when it feels like it's not.

I am a living testament to that.

I'm here...on the other side. 

I NEVER thought I would be here again.   NEVER!

There is hope....there is ALWAYS hope.


If you are struggling, just hang on.

If that's all you can do...just hang on.

And when you find the strength (even if it's just for a brief second) do as the song suggests...breath deep ...reach out... you WILL find hope again.

It's there... 

and it IN the Lord.

Look for Him and you will find it.

There is Hope on the Horizon-  Hilary Weeks
(listen to it on YouTube here or buy it on Itunes)

There is hope on the horizon
with the dawning of the day.
Calling softly in the distance
to illuminate our way.

Reach out and take it
and let it light the way.

There is hope on the horizon
it lingers in the air.
Though my eyes cannot see it
I know it's there.

Breath deep enough to feel it
and when you do,
I hope you.

See heavens hand, 
find courage
enjoy the view.
Let faith take the lead, 
have dreams to reach 
and angels to guide you.
Have joy to share, 
have kindness to spare 
and love to hold onto...yeah

That's what I hope for you!

There is hope on the horizon
you can see it in a smile.
You can hear it through the silence
and you can feel it in the fire.

Let His peace embrace you 
and when you do I hope you...


And maybe that hope is closer than you think so



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Julie Todd said...

I'm so glad you came to visit me .... leaving me that sweet post with the beautiful song link. It's been a delight to be here today to visit....


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