May 23, 2011

Perspective on lice, I mean, life part 1

The other day I was at a play group at the park and one of the mom's was talking about her children having pink eye and how horrible of an experience it is.

I sympathized with her because I remember being SO disgusted by pink eye at one point in time (I used to be a complete germ-a-phoebe) but realized that my personal perspective on pink eye had change dramatically.

You see, right around this time last year, #1 (as in, my first child) graced our household with something I NEVER dreamed I would EVER have to deal with (because I have all boys).  LICE!!!!  (Did you know it's a common misconception that boys don't get lice?  WHY DID SOMEONE NOT TELL ME THAT BEFORE!)

For anyone who has ever experienced lice (and the HOURS and HOURS of back breaking work that is associated with cleaning your children and house from top to bottom, oh and washing every single piece of clothing, toweling, and bedding you own), you know just how exhausting it is. (Did I mention I had a 7 week old baby at the time?).

Oh oh...and it's not just exhausting but you feel disgusting, vulnerable and dirty too.

All because of these little, tiny, non-disease carrying, crawly things that really cause you no harm but are just plain gross.  (Is your head itching yet?)

It was after going through this whole ordeal (and a bladder infection caused by Ecoli two weeks later) that I realized I would be happy to deal with just about any other kind of childhood sickness or disease (excluding cancer or something terminal), than to EVER have to deal with lice again.

I no longer freak out if someone comes down with something.  Each sickness we have dealt with since this time last year has felt like a breeze in comparison (even the time 5 of the 6 of us (myself excluded) had pink eye or the time we all had dysentery---yum).  

That's what a little perspective can do for you.


The funny thing is that life is full of these kinds of opportunities.

Not all of them are as trivial as this one but they can make a huge impact for good in your future if you look for them.

More on the "perspective" series later.

I gotta run...

someone is itching their handsome little head over there.


(Head checks tonight....You think I'm kidding don't you?  Think again.)

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