December 31, 2011

Year of New HOPE

I was going through some old blog posts the other day and came across this one.

I was written on August 2, 2010, six months before I started taking methylfolate again, and nine months before starting this blog.  It was entitled..."Life and Hope" 
"Sometimes my life feels like a crazy whirlwind...swirling out of control with no end in sight.
The sun still rises and sets every day.
Even when it feels like it wont.....
it does.
Some days it's "all" worth it...
some days it's not.
It does goes on.

Some days I get the dishes done...and some days I don't.
Some days I remember that I am married to the most incredible man I know (whom I love very much)...and some days I take that most incredible man for granted.
Some days I stop pulling my hair out and sweating profusely in line at the grocery store while my children run around like wild boars, long enough to realize that I am truly blessed to have 4 BEAUTIFUL boys who are sweet (albeit rambunctious) and who are children of God. thought for the day....
HOLD ON to those moments!
HOLD ON to those times that MAKE IT "ALL" WORTH IT!
They may be few....
they certainly feel far between...
but there IS hope.

In hope there is Faith.
In Faith there is Jesus Christ.
And he is aware of me (and you) at every moment of every day...and he wants us to be happy.

"Adam fell that men might are that they might have joy."' 2Nephi 2:25 
("Life and Hope", posted by Melanie, August 2, 2010 on Testosterone Overload.)

Back then I was barely surviving.  Struggling every day to just keep afloat.  And yet, on this particular day, the Lord helped me to see a beam of light...told me to hold on.  Better times were coming.

Other than He, who knew that in less than 7 months, I would be on cloud 9 and thriving once again?  Who knew that in less than 9 months I would be full of life and spouting faith and HOPE from the rooftops (or, I guess across the world wide web)?

I didn't.  And yet, here I am.

This year has definitely had it's ups and downs, no doubt about that.

But I've been richly blessed to be a part of something bigger than myself.  To share my story and to hear yours.  To laugh with mourn with you.  To uplift....and be lifted up.  To offer HOPE...and be made more hopeful.

And I'm so thankful for it.

May we look forward to what this new year will bring.  May we hold on to those moments that make life "worth it" (as fleeting as they may be).  May we pray, not that our trials be taken from us, but that we may be made strong enough to bare them and that we might learn from them.  May we look forward with a deeper understanding of God's eternal plan for us.

This is my HOPE!

Happy New Year everyone!

Thank you for being a part of my life.

P.S. I love to hear from you!
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Me said...

Happy 2012, Mel- may it be blessed & dare I say, peaceful??? To Happiness & Hope

Rebecca said...

Tis a tough but worth it time on earth - and we often battle ourselves and many other things. But we have every needful thing with which to do battle!!

God bless you to always know you are loved, watched over, and that all will be well!

Happy New Year, Mel :D

Kristen and Alex said...

I love your message! I have been thinking a LOT more lately about enjoying these moments in life because I know my children are growing up so fast before my eyes and before I know it they will be gone and out of the house and I need to enjoy it all no matter how crazy and stressed it seems sometimes. Thank you for your sweet message!

Melanie said...

Kristen, you are welcome and...I totally understand. It's hard not to take it for granted. Your kids are so darn cute and just typical kids, but, that doesn't make it any less difficult sometimes. Hang in there lady. :)

Stef said...

Faith Hope...what else is there...I mean really.

I'm Not Molly said...

Thanks for the hope & inspiration! We wish you a wonderful 2012.

Judy Whatilivefor said...

Those words are true for every mother...those moments when you realize how precious your child is...those are the moments that make all of the grey-hair-making, high-blood-pressure-building, exhausting moments of motherhood worth it.

Happy 2012!

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