October 25, 2011

Spiritually Fed....Calories Shed

I have a confession....I pray while I exercise.

I also do other things like study the scriptures, read the words of the prophet, watch conference talks on my laptop, and sometimes...simply put....I ponder on things.

As I became busier (aka had more children, etc.) it became harder for me to find time to"feast upon the words of Christ" and commune with my Father in Heaven.  At least without someone banging down my bedroom door.

I, also, discovered that I was very easily distracted by everything else that "needed" to be done...and prone to turn to doing things that were "more important" rather than doing these things that are "MOST important".

Until one day I was out jogging and found myself praying for my family and those around me.  I turned off my Ipod, because I wasn't listening anyway, and enjoyed the quiet solitude of the beautiful morning.  I was able to pray, uninterrupted, for people I loved and people I don't even know and then had enough time to listen for answers and guidance from the Lord.  I thoroughly enjoyed it...and it became a habit.  It's so nice to get out in nature, "unplugged" from electronic distractions.  I never even take my Ipod with me anymore (I guess that would be "if" I were going out anymore...back injury...sigh).  

And so it was when I was pregnant with #4, and was not as able to get out and run as often or as far, we bought an elliptical.  I wanted one with an Ipod connector...your know....for motivation.  I soon found that I got much more use out of the book stand instead.  You see, not only could I then pray, but read and study the word of the Lord as well....while I burning a few calories.

It's was nice....kind of a "kill two birds with one stone" situation....one might say.  I was able to focus on those two things without feeling like I "should" be busy doing something else.

I used to think it was kind of weird....(do YOU think it's weird?) but got over that pretty quickly.  I've enjoyed some of the most amazing inspiration (including the birth of this blog), deepest thoughts, sweetest answers, and been overcome with the greatest feelings of JOY and LOVE while on that contraption sweating my heart out (literally).  (My spirit must enjoy the endorphins as much as my body does. he he)

So...for me...I don't think it's a bad thing. 

And so this morning....while I was wading through the murky waters of stress and lowliness....I had two choices.

I could either continue down that path....and make it worse by giving into my self destructive thoughts and inhaling a bag of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups I had just picked up from the store...or I could put a movie on for the kiddos, hop on my elliptical and HOPE something good would come out of it.

Much to my surprise, I chose the latter (really...and without eating even ONE PBC).  And I'm SO glad I did.

I prayed, got in a bit of scripture reading (2 Nephi, Chapter 4), and found myself uplifted by the words of one of God's ancient Prophets (not to mention burning over 750 calories...thank.you.very.much!)   

And I must say, I feel better.  Better than I have in a long while (seems like FOREVER). 

There's a little "pep in my step". 

I even have dinner planned.....AND cooking (crock pots are the best!).

Which, you can probably guess, is pretty BIG for me.

So today I am grateful for my "unplugged" life that has (spiritually) "fed" me faster than I could "burn" the excess off.  (huh?) So in a way, today, I guess I am trying to say (ha ha...that rhymes), that I am grateful to feel (spiritually) plump! (What?)

(I don't even know...Like I said yesterday, "seems all intelligent thoughts have left me for a time".)

Just go with it!

Maybe you will be able to find some time this week to "unplug" from life and be edified. 

Where do you go?  What do you do?  How did you feel?
P.S. I love to hear from you!
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Melanie said...

Love that you do that while exercising! I think I am too close to swear words when exercising. Just kidding - well, kind of....

I love to pray while driving somewhere without the kids. I can talk out loud without anyone hearing me. I just turn off the radio and pray away. That is not always my method, but I do enjoy that.

Glapha Cox said...

Good for you! It is sometimes hard to take that little step and do something constructive when you are feeling down.

Kara said...

I love being unplugged, too. We have had TV service since May and the improvement in our family and marriage is measurable. Sometimes I prefer to not listen to anything while exercising, too. Way to go!

Rebecca said...

Melanie!! congrats on doing the exercise... and no PBC indulgence!! wish I had your willpower (either that or I'm wishing I had your PBC's - hahaha!)

I love to drive to work in the mornings in quiet - great time to pray and talk with God. at first I thought it was weird - but it is such a great way to start the day! then on the way home, I listen to scriptures on CD, or inspirational talks/music. haven't listened to the radio in years now!!

keep up the unplugged spiritual feeding!!

Melanie said...

Well...I have to admit...I did indulge in the PBC's AFTER the kids were in bed that night. :) At least I got in my workout, though. :)

Judy Whatilivefor said...

That is brilliant...what a great way to enrich your exercise and make it more enjoyable by making that time even more focused on you, physically and spiritually.

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