August 1, 2011

Depressed Atheist meets depression recovering chance?

"There is Hope on the Horizon" (word from Hilary Weeks) are a few words that come to mind when I think about my new blogging friend/acquaintance.

I found his blog, Pursuit of Happiness, a few months ago...right before I launched MMUB.  I was browsing "depression blogs" (having a look around in my new niche) and his was one of the first that popped up on Google.  I read a bit here and there...and then got caught up in my own launch.  I didn't check back for a while.

After attending a seminar on MTHFR (yeah, laugh it up all you juveniles, wink wink) by Dr Rawlins in June, I felt a whole new sense of urgency to spread the word about this common genetic variant and the supplement (5-MTHF, also known as MethylFolate (in other terms, folic acid in a ready form--no inner body breaking down needed) that helps bypass the problem.

At this point I had already experienced the benefits of it myself ( feels so good to have myself back) and felt a firm confirmation at the seminar that this "discovery" was the answer I had been looking for, for myself, for a few of my children and members of my extended family.  I felt it so strongly...I couldn't deny it.  As I prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for this knowledge the names of a few people, close friends and acquaintances, came to mind as well.  I couldn't shake the feeling.  I knew I had to tell them about it too.  So I did.

One day I had a feeling I should Google "depression blogs" again.  I am learning to follow those feelings...I jumped on the computer that night.  I, once again, came across Pursuit of Happiness.  Out of all of the blogs that popped up, I felt drawn to his.  The man who writes this anonymous blog has been suffering from depression for as long as he can remember and is very interested in natural remedies rather than drug related medications (Not that I blame him.  I forgot my anti-depressant yesterday and am feeling very loopy and jittery today...stupid drugs...I hope to start weening off them sooner than later).

I said to Rob, "I feel like I should e-mail him."  "So do it," he said.

To my surprise he e-mailed back.  He read the info I sent him, is on board with trying out the 5-MTHF, and is feeling very optimistic about his depression and future.  He even e-mailed me to tell me he had blogged about it (read his post here).  To my surprise, it was through that post I learned he is an atheist.  An in, someone who doesn't believe in God...and yet, I KNOW it was God that lead me to him.  I completely respect his just strikes me as quite the ironic situation.  Strange huh?

It's been an amazing experience for me (I'm not sure how he feels about it).  Atheism is a whole new territory for me...I have never even met an atheist before (growing up not only LDS but in Utah County, UTAH of all places) let alone talked to one.  I have been picking his brain and he is very patient in answering my questions.  I even quoted scripture to him last night (2 Nephi 2:25)...I think he took it rather well.  ;)

I can't help but feel very optimistic for his future.  I, personally, don't feel like I happened on him by chance.  I can't wait for him to start taking it and hope that within 4 months (which is the recommended "give it a try" time period by Dr. Rawlins) he starts noticing some real "ups".

Don't get me wrong...when I start "preaching" this stuff my husband always tells me it sounds like I am "preaching" a "miracle drug"...and tells me to add that it will increase bust size by two cups (so not true...but we had one of his cousins going for a while).  "Hey, it could happen," he says, "it seems to do everything else."  (insert dry laughter here...Ha ha ha).

The fact that Methylfolate is not a "miracle drug" but a simple supplement (one you are already taking in it's INACTIVE form (folate) if you take any multi-vitamin) makes it's importance and credibility even more powerful.  If you have a genetic issue like a MTHFR variant (a condition that makes the body unable to produce enough enzymes to break down folate into it's usable form, methylfolate) it only makes sense that taking the methylated form of the drug should help correct that, right?  The same applies for someone with asthma, or diabetes.  They have a genetic issue that needs outside forms of "correction" in order for a them to "bypass" their condition.  It's no miracle... it's biochemistry.

So anyway...I'm going to keep tabs on ***.  I hope and pray that this is the solution for him (yes, *** I am praying for you...unless you don't want me to... because I believe God is aware of you and wants bigger and better things for you.  He wants you to be happy.).

I'll keep y'all updated as well and...unless he has an objection...will you pray for him too?
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Natalie J said...

I read a few of his posts. I feel sad for him, and for all that suffer with depression, for the hopelessness that fills their days. I was glad to read his last paragraph, where he shows some "excitement" at the thought of a better future. Keep sharing your stories and knowledge, Mel! They are touching a lot of lives! Love you!

Messy Musings said...

Hummm.... perhaps I should start putting labels on my blog postings?

Not sure I'm ready yet for something like MTHFR, but still plan on visiting your blog often!! It's nice to know I'm not alone in experiences with depression!

Celeste said...

Wow! You really are reaching lots of people! That is so great! I hope it really helps him! I'm also glad you are doing do good :D

p.s. I love the whole lot a Jesus thing ;) So funny! And I'm embarrassed to say that that acronym came to my mind as well :l EEK.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Interesting story. I think it's great to listen to what you feel you should do. It seems it worked out. :)

Unknown said...

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