May 26, 2011

Perpetual room for improvement

Weaknesses keep us humble...of this I am a firm believer.

Today has been a VERY humbling day.

(I'm still holding out for a better ending but as of now....ppppppttttttt (okay, so I'm not good at typing out sounds...this one is me sticking my tongue out and showering the keyboard with spit).)


I woke up early and went running.....that was good.

Rug-rat #1 got off to school with his morning jobs done and a smile intact...also good.

Then I had to drive across town to deliver library books that Husband forgot to take back AGAIN (did I mention they were due yesterday?)...a little annoyed...not gonna lie...but was still pretty kind about it when I called to "remind" him of his forgetfulness.

Home for Rug-rat #4's morning nap.

Off to the bike shop to pick up hubby's bike that was "done" yesterday (got a call and everything) but was, in fact, NOT done ("sorry...I forgot to call you," he says lamely) and was told to come back tomorrow and get it (are you kidding? want me to drag my three kids back tomorrow?  Did I mention I live 30 minutes away?...think again buddy!).

I got all huffy (on the inside because I'm actually too chicken to bite a strangers heads off) and told the guy (all apologetic like--like it was my fault) that I would wait around while he finished the repairs (even though he was in the middle of something else).  (For that I was actually proud of myself.  Normally I just slink away and seethe.)

What was supposed to take him 35 minutes actually took 65. 

I took the kids 10 miles down the road, to the nearest McDonald's (after the bike shop owner kindly suggested I take them somewhere else because they were tearing his shop apart).  I ended up sharing some french fries with the kids (so much for "eating right" today) while they ran around in the rain at the outdoor play place. 

(I would have stuck closer to the shop but it's really not in the best part of town.  The only places to explore nearby were tattoo parlors, bars, nail salons and other "specialty" shops.)

It ended up being quite the lose-lose situation. 

I was too stubborn to come back the next day yet when the ordeal was over both the kids are I were exhausted AND...

We got home too late for nap time...AAARRRRGGGG!

At this point I was beyond irritated but was trying REALLY hard to keep things at a simmer.

But then it all boiled over.

I'm in the process of cooking dinner.

The boys are outside digging in the dirt, searching for bugs, destroying things (all of which my boys LOVE to do).

Rug-rat #2 (currently 5 years old) comes into the kitchen with a hand full of "stuff."

"" (sometimes I detest that word).

"What!!!!,"  I finally say.

"What are these?" he says.

I peer down into his tiny little hand and it is full of little, white, squirmy, wormy MAGGOTS!


So, I do what any normal, sleep deprived, germ-a-phobic, anger/anti-patience plagued, depression recovering mother, who's had a really long day without any nap break, would do.

I start jumping up and down like a two year old throwing a tantrum while yelling at RR#2 to get those "nasty, disgusting, maggots out of my house."

I grab him by the arm and usher him toward the door still yelling, "What were you thinking?" "That is disgusting!" "How could you do that?"  (I know, as if I expected an answer or something)

All the time he keeps saying, "What's a maggot?...What's a maggot?...What's a maggot?" (did I mention he's my broken record kid?)

I open the back door...and he throws the maggots out...just throws them out...ONTO THE PATIO!

Apparently he blocked my telepathic message about taking them as far away from the house as possible to dispose of them.

So yeah...I freaked out all over again.

("Why did you do that?  What were you thinking?  Get those nasty things off my porch (stomp, stomp, stomp)!"....)

I think I shocked the pants off of him. 

I've done a lot of things in the name of anger but never jumped up and down like a kangaroo.

I'm still contemplating what possessed me to do that.

I would have payed money to see someone make a fool of themselves like that...if it hadn't have been me, of course.

After I cooled down (and #2 washed his hands), I apologized for freaking out...

and we moved on. 

I'm just grateful children are so forgiving.

I'm also grateful that the Lord see's fit to keep me humble and shows me that I've still got a long way to go.

Oh I ever have a long way to go.


Kara said...


Natalie J said...

Love the blog. Love the way you write. Love that you can share this with others. Love you!

Andrea said...

I love that you're being so real! I think we all struggle with this to some degree and sometimes it is hard not to want to just put on the happy face and make everything "look" perfect. I admire you, and look forward to reading your insights!

Kristen and Alex said... I there with you. You are a great writer. I probably would have freaked out exactly the same way because that is SUPER gross. You are a great Mom! We all have freak out moments, you are NOT the only one.

Michelle said...

I am excited about your new blog!

I think I would have freaked out too. Yuck!

crth said...

I can just see it! Really! That's my girl -- and just for the record, you have already come a long way! Love the blog. Thanks for sharing.

Melanie said...

Oh mom...I KNOW you can picture it. You've been a witness to my "weaknesses" my whole life. And thanks...I'm glad you can see the changes.

Thanks for all your support everyone. You are the best.

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