January 24, 2012

I Am His Daugher --Hopeful Music

Corina (the author of a blog entitled A New Perspective)  posted this son/video on her blog saying,

"for those of you girls who need a boost today" 

Now, Corina doesn't know me and neither I, her.  She just a random someone who entered a giveaway going on on my other blog today.  As I so often do, I headed on over to her blog to take a look.   

Little did I know what I would be met with. 

Brought tears to my eyes.

A sweet tender mercy of the Lord.

I needed this today....Thank you Corina.

No matter where we go...or what we do, we are His.  And He is watching over us.

How grateful I am for this knowledge. 

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The Larsen Gang said...

Soo beautiful! Now to make sure my teenage daughter understands this....so touching, thank Mel!

Rebecca said...

we all need to be reminded of this message... frequently!

absolutely loved photo of the sweet grandma at 2min-30sec into this video! made me smile & laugh!!

also made me miss my own Mom... a lot. this May it will be 10-years since she passed. thanks Mel for the roller-coaster of emotions! where's my tissue? LOL

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

Melanie, I like your blog! I read your three-part OCD postings. Very well-written, and I can relate sooooo well.

I wasn't "officially" diagnosed until I was in my 20s, but suffered for many years. A good medication helped set me on the road to recovery. My OCD is nowhere near as bad as it was, but I think it still affects my life in ways that I don't even recognize yet.

I also have depression and anxiety, so the meds are a must for me. But, I am getting ready to start some cognitive behavioral therapy that I hope will be a good complement to the meds.

I'm glad I found you, and I look forward to reading more!

Mom of 12 said...

Very nice! And btw 8:05 did the trick. We walked in just as the bishop got up and started making announcements...I even got to sing the opening song!

Kristen and Alex said...

Beautiful song and picture collage! Wow! Thank you for sharing, I need that reminder all the time too. Thank you!

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