December 6, 2011

What do YOU radiate?

I was reading today and came across this quote:
"Every man and every person who lives in this world wields an influence, whether for good or for evil.  It is not what he says alone; it is not alone what he does.  It is what he is.  Every man, every person radiates what he or she really is....It is what we are and what we radiate that affects the people around us.
As individuals, we must think nobler thoughts.  We must not encourage vile thoughts or low aspirations.  We shall radiate them if we do.  If we think noble thought; if we encourage and cherish noble aspirations, there will be that radiation when we meet people, especially when we associate with them."  (David O. McKay, Man May Know for Himself, p. 108)
It caused me to pause and think...."What do I radiate?  What kind of influence do I have on others?  What do my associates see...coming forth from within me?

Is it what I would want them to see?  and more importantly, Is it what the Lord wants them to see?

And then I thought about an experience I had the other night.

I was out at a Christmas gathering and stayed late talking to a sweet friend.  In the course of our discussion she paid me compliment.  She told me that I had a big heart.  I appreciated her words but had a hard time accepting them.  I mean, I try to care for, and about others...but often feel like I fail miserably.  One of my greatest desires is to become as compassionate and caring as the Savior, Jesus Christ, and I pray for and about this desire often.  That's why her words meant so much to me.  And yet, all I could think was, "If only she really knew me.  She wouldn't think that."

When I read this quote today, an understanding dawned on me.

If this quote is true...(and I believe it is, since these words were declared by a prophet of God)...then maybe what she see's is my desire, my "noble aspiration", to be charitable and loving and not the imperfections of my outward being.

I mulled over this for a while.  It made sense to me.

Then, I started thinking about all of the "maybe not so noble thoughts/aspirations" I have at times.

Do others see those too?  (Yes.)  Do I want them to see them?  (No.)  Do I want to have them? (No.)

What can I do to do away with them?

Unfortunately I didn't have such a ready made answer to that question (in fact, I'm positive there is more than one answer), but you can sure bet I'm going to look into it (through prayer/scripture study).

I know that in this life I will never be entirely perfect...but, at least, for today, I feel I have enough strength to at least TRY and take on the challenge (yep, today has been a good day).

And so I ask you....

What do YOU radiate?  

Take a minute...think about it.
P.S. I love to hear from you!
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Stef said...

Such a great thought. I am not sure what I radiate...I will have to think on that one. But I am sure if I lived near you, I would agree wtih your friend.

Lisa Merkley said...

You have a very smart friend, Mel! You do have a big heart. Great thoughts to think about!

Rebecca said...

not sure what I radiate... I'm still trying to figure myself out!!

I've never met you in person - but for me you seriously radiate LOVE! you don't know how much I have needed your words and kindness!!

DancingPrincessDesigns said...

Beautiful message, Mel! I love it! Thanks for sharing it, I needed to hear it today :)

Melanie said...

I'm glad Jenn. You are in my prayers.

Jana and Brett said...

hmm I love this post. Our little family were on a visit, and all I could think (after the visit was over) is how different I am when my kids are with me...
I feel like I never joke around, or can even contribute to the conversation...I love hangin out with my kids, but it's hard when I'm constantly worrying about their behavior or what they are getting in to at someone else's house. What do I radiate when I'm with others? Hopefully, my constant hope that I'm 'good company.' :0) Good thoughts Mel! Thanks for this post.

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