September 23, 2011

"This is a crazy house"

So it's not very often (or ever) that I share something really, truly, just plain funny on MMUW (I usually reserve those types of things for my other blog Testosterone Overload).

But, since this story is both funny and applicable to the niche of this blog, I decided to share it anyway (even if I am the only one who truly enjoys it).

This week I've got a lot of visitor up in 'dis house.  My mom, sister and grandma came to visit from Utah and my brother, sister-in-law and niece are due in from the Seattle Area any minute, as well.

Yeah...full house....but very happy and exciting.  I've been feeling kinda homesick lately (this time of year seems to do that to me).  I'm very glad they're here (even if it is a bit....whew....if you know what I mean).

So...this funny is about my grandma.  My 83 year old grandma.  My 83 year old grandma who is in a semi-advanced stage of Alzheimers.  She doesn't really remember who I am...and my kids...forget it...she asks who they are about every 2-3 minutes.  Poor woman has NO idea that she is in Washington or how in the world she got here. 

Tonight we were all sitting down to dinner.  Grandma was enjoying herself...cracking jokes and giggling like a little kid (when she get's in one of these moods, she is hilarious....HILARIOUS) thing I know she's asking about her late  husband, Lowell, (who has been gone for just over 27 years now) and is in tears when my mom reminds here that he has passed on (it broke my heart).  It only lasted for a few moments, probably forgot what she was crying about, and she perked back up....back to her teasing, chuckling, confused self. 

My boys are bouncing all over the place, which she LOVES to watch (she had 10 kids of her probably brings back some pretty sweet memories).  Their hopping up and down on the chairs, tipping over their milk, flinging food, asking over and over to be excused, being sent from the table for throwing tantrums...all the while the baby's yelling, "I wa dauwwwwnnnnnnnn!"

Grandma pauses mid-smile, turns to me and says, "This is a crazy house."

Laughter burst from me.....she has no idea....literally....just how crazy this house really is....and more importantly, how crazy it used to be (thinking of my deeply depressed/severely anxious days, of course).

"Yep....doesn't get any crazier," I say.

"Noooooo.....," she says chuckling noncommittal-ly  (let's be honest...she had probably already forgotten what she was laughing about).........

"Seriously have NO idea"

These last 4 years have been a journey, for sure.   One that was extremely hard but one that I am grateful for. 

To have gone from a CRAZY house (as in, mama is mentally insane) a crazy house (as in, there are four little boys under one roof) truly amazing and I feel truly blessed to be in the middle of it

.....(most of the time).  :)  
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Natalie J said...

I can imagine how nuts it is! She is so fun to have a meal with! I hope it turns out to be a very enjoyable time for all! Love ya!

DancingPrincessDesigns said...

Yep, Grandma is hilarious! We were at mom's with Sophia a couple of weeks ago, and Sophia said something about "let's go into the living room" and Grandma said "who are all those kids in there?" Sophia said, "they're your great-grandkids," to which grandma promptly and with attitude responded "I doubt it."
She keeps us in stitches, for sure. Glad you're having fun...miss having you here....

Celeste said...

Lol! I love it!

Rebecca (aka: Messy Musings) said...

sad when a loved one doesn't know you anymore - and I'm sure scary for them at times too! but you are truly gifted in seeing the humor in so many things!! I just love reading the things you write - always brings a much needed smile to my face!!

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